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Appliance Setup Charlotte NC

Did Your Appliance Arrive in Pieces?

Get help with kitchen appliance installations in Charlotte, NC

Not all appliances arrive with the parts attached - which can make laundry and kitchen appliance installations particularly difficult. Some components, like refrigerator doors, are heavy and unwieldy. Fortunately, residents of Charlotte, NC can turn to us for help. The owner of LB Quality Appliance Service is accustomed to doing the heavy lifting, so hire him for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room appliance installation.

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Hiring a pro has its perks

Laundry room appliance installation may be more physically demanding than you anticipate. As a result, you could drop heavy parts on your floors - or worse, on your foot. But by hiring LB Quality Appliance Service, you can...

Reduce your risk of injury
Avoid causing damage to your brand-new appliance
Rest easy knowing that your appliance has been assembled correctly

We offer $25 discounts to new clients, veterans and senior citizens. Call today to request a free estimate on your kitchen appliance installation.