Refrigerator repair Charlotte, NC

Is Your Fridge on the Fritz?

Reach out to a refrigerator repair service in Charlotte, NC

Is there anything more disappointing than finding out all of your food has spoiled because of a refrigerator malfunction? Don't have a meltdown. Get immediate assistance from a refrigerator repair technician instead. You can rely on LB Quality Appliance Service to find a prompt and lasting solution in the Charlotte, NC area.

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5 signs it's time to replace your refrigerator

You should arrange for refrigerator installation services right away if you notice:

  • Food going bad faster than it should
  • Your refrigerator feels hot to the touch
  • Condensation or frost on the outside of your refrigerator
  • The motor seems to be running constantly
  • A spike in your energy bills
Don't settle for a faulty or inefficient fridge. Call 704-763-1723 now to schedule refrigerator installation services in the Charlotte, NC area.