Washing Machines

Has Your Broken Washer Left You Spinning?

Has Your Broken Washer Left You Spinning?

We'll take care of your washing machine repairs in Charlotte, NC

If it's been taking longer than usual to wash a regular load of laundry or your washer isn't draining, you probably need to get washing machine repair services. If you're tired of laundry taking forever, trust the pros at LB Quality Appliance Service to make your machine run smoothly again, no matter the make and model.

Reach out to us today to schedule washing machine repair services in the Charlotte, NC area.

Is your washing machine experiencing any of these issues?

You don't have to run to the laundromat or use a neighbor's machine if your washing machine:

  • Won't start
  • Isn't draining
  • Is filling up with water
  • Is making unusual noises
Instead, get washing machine installation services as soon as it's time for a replacement. Call 704-763-1723 now to make a washing machine installation appointment in Charlotte, NC.