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Modern appliances are complex pieces of equipment that require a gentle touch. With that in mind, you don't want to attempt do-it-yourself repairs. The owner of LB Quality Appliance Service in Charlotte, NC will work carefully to avoid causing damage to your appliances. In fact, he'll treat your appliances like they belong to him.

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Appliance Repairs

Turn to us for bathroom, laundry room or kitchen appliance repair services.

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Appliance Installations

We provide comprehensive appliance installation services.

Appliance installation Charlotte NC

Appliance Setup

Hire us to assemble your appliance.

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Appliance repair Charlotte NC

Are you eligible for a discount?

The answer is yes if you've never worked with our appliance repair company before.
You'll receive up to $25 off your first job, as well as a free estimate.

Veterans and senior citizens always get $25 off their professional appliance repair, installation or setup.

3 reasons to choose LB Quality Appliance Service

Need help with a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room appliance installation? Call on our premier appliance repair company in Charlotte, NC for assistance. You'll appreciate our...

1. Fair pricing

2. Efficient service

3. Emphasis on quality

Our owner will make sure your appliance is hooked up correctly and that all the parts are secure. As a result, your appliance will operate efficiently for a long time.

However, excessive use can cause your appliances to break down. You never know when that might happen, so keep our contact information handy.